Entry Procedures

All completed application forms (downloadable here) must be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. A photocopy of the birth certificate/identity card/passport as proof of birthdate.
  2. Proof of payment of application fee (see Application Fees)

Candidates should submit all the application documents via email to ucsi.ipfc@gmail.com

The application deadline is 17th February 2020, 11 pm (Malaysian time). Incomplete applications or applications received after this date and time will not be accepted.

The results of the advancement to the next stage will be posted on:

  1. Competition’s official website: Click Here
  2. Facebook page: Click Here

All selected contestants must be present for the semi-final and final rounds of the competition.

Local Contestants
  1. All contestants residing locally in Malaysia are required to perform live in the preliminary round.
  2. All Malaysian contestants residing abroad are strongly encouraged to perform live in the preliminary round
  3. Contestants under this criteria should pay the local application fee.
International Contestants
  1. Contestants who are residing abroad (regardless of nationality) may choose to send in a high-quality video recording of their performance for the preliminary round if they are unable to perform live.
  2. Contestants under this criteria should pay the international application fee.

All videos must be submitted by 25th March 2020, 5 p.m. (Malaysian time), see instructions on uploading videos to YouTube below.

Instructions for Uploading Videos to YouTube

A high-quality performance recording is required if contestants submitting videos for their preliminary round of this competition. We would strongly encourage contestants to upload their recording through YouTube

  1. You need to create a user account on YouTube before uploading the performance videos.
  2. The video should not be older than 6 months prior to the application deadline.
  3. The video must be recorded in one-take with no editing. Any form of video editing/effects is strictly not allowed
  4. Your videos must be of acceptable visual and audio quality (HQ / HD).
  5. Contestant must be visible in the video throughout the performance. For a step-by-step guide on uploading to YouTube, please Click Here
Basic information:

Title: Contestant’s full name, composer and title of the piece.
Description: UCSIUIPFC 2020
Privacy Settings: Change to “Unlisted”
Advanced Settings: Disable all comments and responses (all boxes under “Comments and Responses” must be unchecked)

Click the “Share” button, copy and send your YouTube links to ucsi.ipfc@gmail.com . In the email, please state:

  • Contestant’s full name
  • Category
  • Complete title of the piece (i.e. title, key, opus number and movements)
  • Full name of the composer
  • Duration of the piece
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