General Rules

Practice Facilities

Practice facilities are available during the days of the competition. Scheduled warm-up room and time will be assigned prior to the allocated competition time.

Concert Hall Regulations
  1. All forms of photography, audio or video recording of the performances at all stages of the competition are strictly prohibited.
  2. All performances are open to the public. However, children under five years old are not allowed into the hall.
Dress Code

All contestants are expected to dress formally. Informal attire (such as jeans, sneakers, flip flops, shorts, short skirts, tank tops, t-shirts, etc) are strictly prohibited.

Contestant Regulations
  1. Contestants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses (including travel insurance) in Malaysia throughout the competition period.
  2. Contestants below the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  3. Contestants are prohibited from changing the competition time once it is set by the organizer for all competition rounds.
  4. Contestants must acknowledge every email sent by the organizer.

On the day of the competition, all contestants are required to report to the registration desk 45 minutes prior to the assigned performance time. Contestants who are late may be disqualified from the competition without refund.

  1. The adjudication panel consists of national and international pianists.
  2. The adjudication panel reserves the right to stop a participant’s performance at any stage of the competition when a decision has been made. If the program offered exceeds the stipulated time limit, the adjudicator panel may choose to hear only parts of the program and ask the contestant to perform any section of the pieces offered, not necessarily from the beginning.
  3. The adjudication panel will award the contestants gold and silver medals in the preliminary round, and only gold medalists will qualify to advance into the semi-final round of the competition.
  4. The adjudication panel will select up to a maximum of six finalists for each category from the semi-finalists.
  5. The adjudication panel reserves the right not to award any prize in the final round.
  6. The adjudication panel’s decision is final: no discussion or correspondence will be entertained.
Prize Winners Award Ceremony and Concert
  1. All prize winners for the Final Round of each category will be announced during the Award Ceremony held at UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur on Friday 5th June 2020.
  2. The Prize Winners Concert will immediately follow after the Award Ceremony; all winners must be available to perform during the Prize Winners Concert.
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