1. How should the payment be made?
    Payment may be made only via direct deposit or online transfer. For the transfer details please refer to the Competition Rules and Regulations.
  2. How could I check whether my payment has been received by the organizer?
    Please retain and send your proof of payment to the organizer at [email protected]. You will receive a confirmation email from the organizer within 5 working days.
  3. Am I allowed to repeat the repertoire from the preliminary round?
    Yes you may.
  4. Will I be able to practice in the practice rooms in UCSI University before the competition?
    Duration of warmup is allocated according to performance time of respective categories.
  5. Will I be able to try the piano used in the competition before the competition?
    Not in the preliminary and semifinal round. In the final round, finalist from the Senior and Young Artist categories only will be able to try the piano used in the competition.
  6. How early must I be at the competition venue before my turn?
    Please be there at least 45 minutes before your assigned playing time. But, it is advisable to be at the venue an hour earlier.
  7. May I audio or video record any performance during the competition
    As stated under the General Rules in the Rules and Regulations, all forms of photography and audio or video recording of the performance at all stages of the competition are strictly prohibited.
  8. Are children allowed to enter the hall during the competition?
    Children below 5 years old who are not competing in the competition are not allowed in the hall.
  9. My daughter is 9 years old this year, could she enter the intermediate category?
    Yes, as long as she fulfills the repertoire requirements.
  10. Do I need to purchase tickets for concerts and events?
    No, all the concerts and events are free of charge.
  11. How will I know my result?
    The result for the preliminary round will be announced at the end of the day. As for the semifinal round, the contestants will know the results at the registration room as their names will be posted after the competition. As for the final round, the results will be announced at the Prize Award Ceremony.

    All these results will also be announced at the end of the day of each round and also be updated on the website.
  12. Can we request a specific competition time?
  13. Can my child enter two categories?
    No. a contestant is eligible to enter in only one of the categories.
  14. If the rules stated that the performance time for the junior category is 4-7minutes, does it include break between pieces?
    The time indicated in the repertoire requirement does not include the break in between the pieces. However, jurors are given the discretion to stop the contestant if it exceeds the allocated time.
  15. May I change my repertoire after submission of my application form?
    Changes of repertoire are not allowed after 17 July 2022.

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