How should the payment be made?

Payment to be made via direct link from the IPFC website. Please refer to the Registration tab for more information.

How could I check whether my payment has been received by the organizer?

Competition Rules and Repertoire:

Am I allowed to repeat the repertoire from the preliminary round?
Would I be able to try on the piano used in the competition, before the competition day?
How early must I be at the competition venue before my turn?
My daughter is 9 years old this year, could she enter the intermediate category?
Will I be able to practice in the practice rooms in UCSI University before the competition?
Can we request a specific competition time?
Can my child enter more than 1 category?
If the rules stated that the performance time for the junior category is 4-7minutes, does it include break between pieces?
May I change my repertoire after submission of my application form?

Audience and Hall Rules:

Do I need to purchase tickets for concerts and events?
Are children allowed to enter the hall during the competition?
May I audio or video record any performance during the competition?

Results and Announcements:

How will I know my result?

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