Instructions for Uploading Video to YouTube

All video must be submitted by 16th March 2024, 5 p.m. (Malaysian time), see instructions on uploading video to YouTube below.

A high-quality performance recording is required if contestants were to submit video for their preliminary round of this competition. We would strongly encourage contestants to upload their recordings through YouTube.

  1. You need to create a user account on YouTube before uploading the performance video.
  2. The video should not be older than 6 months prior to the application deadline.
  3. The entire programme must be recorded in one-take with no editing. Any form of video editing/effects is strictly not allowed.
  4. Your video must be of acceptable visual and audio quality (HQ / HD).
  5. The contestant must be visible in the video throughout the performance. For a step-by-step guide on uploading to YouTube, please Click Here.
  6. Make sure you enter the information of your YouTube video as follows:

Video Details

Title: UCSIUIPFC 2024 - Contestant’s full name (XX Category)

Description: List the repertoire played in order, make sure you include the name of the composer and title of the piece.

Visibility Settings: Change to "Unlisted"

Comments and Rating Settings: Disable comments

Click the "Share" button, copy, and send your YouTube links to [email protected].
In the email, please state:

  1. The contestant’s full name
  2. Category
  3. List of the repertoire, including
    • Full name of the composer
    • Complete title of the piece (i.e. title, key, opus number and movements)
  4. Duration of the piece